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Air duct cleaning takes 2 to 4 hours on average.

Pros suggest cleaning ductwork every 3 to 7 years to improve system efficiency.
Air duct cleaning should include cleaning the supply and return air ducts, grills and vent covers.

Prices depend on the ductwork size, number of vents, contamination level, climatic region, and vent accessibility.

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Air duct inspection entails running a camera through the ducts using special equipment that navigates around sharp bends, intersections, and areas that are otherwise inaccessible to the naked eye without cutting through walls.

It provides visual evidence of contamination inside ductwork and can verify the need for air duct cleaning. If contamination is present, the cause can be identified and rectified, so clean conditions can be preserved in the future.

It also provides a visual before-and-after comparison as a quality control measure. This historical record of system conditions can be used to base future monitoring. Other non-cleaning deficiencies in the ductwork also can be identified during the video inspection and tagged for corrective action for the future benefit of the system’s operation.

Duct inspection is a cost-effective way to properly diagnose internal duct or HVAC issues, including reduced air flow, hot or cold spots, or suspected damage or leaks. It not only identifies issues but locates exactly where they are, which is important for repair purposes.


The dryer vent gathers all kinds of debris that accumulates over time as the clothing spins and dries in the machine. These things should be emptied after each load; otherwise, the debris builds up inside and clogs the dryer vent. However, a dryer vent can get clogged for a variety of reasons, not only improper cleaning. Bird nests, construction debris, dust, condensation, pieces of clothing, long ducts, or wrong placement of the dryer can also explain why your dryer is clogged.  It’s critical to have your dryer vent cleaned regularly to ensure it won’t cause any hazard in your home and functions properly.


DUCT BUSTER’s is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to provide a comprehensive range of microbial remediation services in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. Our remediation specialists are fully trained and have extensive experience in microbial remediation, including critical analysis of  contamination, detailing remediation procedures and restoration recommendations. We are committed to employing the latest remediation techniques in order to minimize interruption to your operations.

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Contact us today for an estimate to clean your HVAC system.